We Back Up Bruthas and Sistas!

got a great review for the new album in Colorado Central magazine.
website went down cause i didn’t know what to do.
can someone do this for me?
anyhoo, the new album is available on all digital distributors.
we have sold bunches.

shit, i didn’t think it was gonna get this big
so search iTunes, amazon and all that click shit.
buy the record.
thump it.
share it i don’t give a fuck.

let’s go!

love y’all.





hello everyone!

the throat specialist told me i have reversible nodules in my throat, one on each side.

i am taking some time off from rapping but i am still writing.

we have sold 85 (!!!) of the limited edition homemade cds locally.

they are available at Woods Distillery, Sutty’s records and arts and Salida Sign Works in Salida, CO.

we are waiting on approval from iTunes and digital download cards.

all the art from the album is hanging at Wood’s Distillery until August and the album booklet is being made.

thanks to everyone for all the amazing support!




the album “Terraforming Tradition” is complete!!!

album cover art

portrait by Carl Bork

layout by Chris Glass

we sold out of the 30 limited editions at the cd release and are in the process of making more.

it will be on iTunes and we are printing a vinyl-sized booklet for the album with art by Brinkley Nelson Messick

other news: i have an injury to my throat and am taking some time off so it can heal.

not playing out live right now is really tough but i am finding other things to do.

New Gig Announced

First show after the break will be June 18th at The Boathouse

for Local’s Night during FibArk! – Salida, CO

Oh Yea.

The dynamic and exceptionally entertaining Be. Real will be joining.

Oh Yea.


3 new songs written.

the new, new Mountain Rap album (#2) has been written and ready to record.


i am considering composing an EP of home recordings.

log cabin tapes if you will.

won’t you?



the single “Spranko” was just played on 92.3 The PEAK FM
Salida, Buena Vista and Leadville!


greetings to all first time visitors.

mission statement: world peace

there is a lot brewing.

we would love to have you involved!

Big Love.



ps. the single is available here: SpRaNkO

Early Spring Update

Hello again beautiful light beings of the universe!

We are closing in on completion of the world’s first “Mountain Rap” album!

The single “Spranko” is waiting to be processed by iTunes for release you can hear it here: “Spranko”

Some exciting developments: Grammy winner Huntley Miller (Zedd) master engineered the single and is on tap for mastering the entire album.

The album cover is in the works which includes a painting by Carl Bork and layout by Chris Glass.

With the help and wondrous artwork of Brink we are creating a “vinyl sized” book with all lyrics included. (!!!)

We are working like mad to get this thing done by the end of May.


Carl Bork and I are working on a new project named: “Synesthesia”.

This entails live abstract painting inspired by abstract musical improvisation and vice versa.

Our first public performance will be Memorial Day weekend at Carl’s gallery in Salida.

We are really super excited to share this journey with you. (!!!)

Have a lovely moment everyone.

I love you.

deep winter break

greetings beautiful earthlings!
it means so much when y’all come out get down!


after 10 months of regular performance,
our current focus will be gettin’ the
new record into your ears.

we will not be performing until
after the release in spring 2015.

the single “Sprankle” and “Travel Where”
will be released soon.

keep in touch.
immense gratitude.


basement premix of “Sprankle”